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AG Brilliant Tuition Center

AG Brilliant Tuition Center is an initiative of 360 Research Foundation to educate those children who have left behind in this very competitive era. India has the second largest education system in the world. The scale of operation involved to ensure the quality of Education for India is unique and challenging because in a rural part of India teacher have to face many difficulties to teach. This is why Center was established to promote rural education.

AG Brilliant Tuition Center
More than half of the population of the country lives in villages and the crucial motivating factor for the development is Education. The path involves active guidance by a master teacher, including giving students practice facing real problems, testing solutions, making mistakes, seeking help, and refining approaches. Comprehensive dialogues between teachers and students delineate how reflection-in-action works, what boost it, and behaviour or attitudes that can avert the development of reflectiveness.

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Please Call 9708008807 (Munna Sir) for more details at Anjua village.