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Why to choose 360?

360 Research Foundation provides these benefits to you and your team:  


(a) Research and Innovation:

  1. We see our role in the future of the 360 Research Foundation as making it easier for researchers and Innovators to carry out their research/innovation by being responsive, proactive and innovative.
  2. We are committed to treating each other, our process partners and others we work with, as valued colleagues, guided by open communication, collaboration, partnership, integrity and respect in order to achieve our common goals.
  3. We make our decisions with openness and honesty, and to enhance the value of the organization campus-wide.
  4. We promote responsible research practices in alignment with ethical principles and compliance regulations.
  5. We encourage innovation, reflective thinking, flexibility and adaptability in our approaches to our work, in alignment with our mission to create client-centered services.
  6. We are committed to providing a culture of continuous learning for all.
  7. We support a work/life balance for all in our organization.
  8. We are committed to developing a range of resources and strategies designed to provide the highest level of quality services possible to the research community that positions the 360 RF research program for a successful future.
  9. We value and welcome a diversity of staff, as an organization that is enriched by a multitude of perspectives and experiences.


(b) Social Development and Employment:

The 360 Research Foundation Supports and works for:

  1. Improvement of the standard of living and quality of life for all. We do this by promoting employment that is highly skilled.
  2. The social development by listening to people and promoting their voices in the development process; understanding and addressing their needs, priorities and aspirations; and building formal and informal institutions.
  3. Women Empowerment
  4. Child Development
  5. The theoretical knowledge and practical skills.