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President 360 Research foundation Sudhanshu Kumar Shekhar

First and foremost thing it is my privilege to introduce my personal details of the beginning of my journey into this amazing path. This is Sudhanshu Kumar Shekhar who always considers himself very unique comparing to grow up as those children rising up to his equal. I was grown up as very different among those normal children who always wanted to do something different and as I was the child as very innovative skills who used to do such kind of things as my parents recalls. So, therefore grown with such enthusiasm curiousness.

I became even more connected deeply into these inventing creating the wonderful things and discover explore study and find out the ‘truth’ solution resolution of everything related to the life and Nature so. I began my journey on the great path. According to my parents, I was very innovative since my very childhood. I was giving priority to innovate something instead of playing. I applied to NIF for my Innovation named OPD (Overflow Protector Device), I was in 12th class that time. After a long time they called me for verification of educational qualification and other questions, I passed 12th and went to T.P.Verma College, Narkatiaganj. After 3 month I got the letter from National Innovation Foundation, my teacher Mr. Mukund Murari Ram was with me that time and I was very much excited after getting letter. I requested my teacher to read the letter loudly because I was flying on seventh sky and thinking that I am going to meet Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam sir at Rashtrapati Bhawan. This was the turning point of my life, my teacher reduced the loudness of the sound because it was mentioned that Sudhanshu you can understand we have a boundary, you are student of B.Sc and students with upto 12th qualification can participate in this programme so you cannot be a part of the NIF programme. It was plop down for me but I promised myself it should not be happened with any other student or people.

I started a group since 13 December 2015 to support every innovative individual; I run this group every Sunday. I selected the name 360 Research and Innovation Group (360: It means no limitation for Age and Educational Qualification, Research: to support Researchers, Innovation: to Support Innovative People) for our group. We have motivated and supported thousands of students and people till the date and our group members got many awards from local level to the national level for innovations till the date. We have registered our group as 360 Research Foundation with the Govt. of Bihar and central Govt. of India also.

We have many branches for different activities. Now, I can say people come on the Earth and pass their lives in eating and drinking but my point of view is that we must do something wonderful or miracle that world may remember us for thousands of years. We all are in this human world where dissappontments ruins us break us but i am the person who never give up or react on the way as common people do.Since those saddest incident I have had decided to build my own way then i continued walking on my aims of achievement. Today i proudly consider myelf as a victorious founder as President of my organization who not only made his mark but given more people and children a New Horizon.Live and Give is my mission that makes me worth of my life.By the time people from various respective field are connected to me and providing their support or eager to work under my supervision.I am succeed to announce there's nothing impossible once you give it from your heart and self-belief.


Sudhanshu Kumar Shekhar

(Founder & President)