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Department of Health

The Department of Health (DH) represents 360 Research Foundation in various committees and Projects of Health, Nutrition & Family Welfare, Department of AYUSH, Department of Health Research, and Department of Pharmaceuticals. It is also a part of Scientific Advisory Groups of 360 Research and Innovation Group, Health, Family Welfare, Nutrition, Medical Support etc.


Major responsibilities of the Department of Health include

  • To evolve a shared vision of development priorities, sectors and strategies in the sector of Health, Family Welfare and Nutrition with the active involvement of regional partners in the light of objectives.
  • To provide advice and encourage partnerships between key stakeholders and like-minded Think Tanks, as well as educational and policy research institutions in the sector of Health & Nutrition.
  • To maintain a State-Of-the-Art Resource Centre in the sector of Health, Family Welfare and Nutrition, be a repository of research on good governance and best practices in sustainable and equitable development as well as help their dissemination to stake-holder.