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Governing Body

The Governing Body coordinates activities of all the subject matter Departments/Units, including circulation/approvals of Projects/ letters/ papers received from other Departments in 360 Research Foundation, issues meeting notices/prepare agenda notes as well as minutes of the meetings of 360 Research Foundation.

Responsibility of the Governing body:

  1. To take necessary steps for the implementation of the programs and policies drawn by the general body.

  2. To pass the necessary expenditure to meet the day to day requirements of the 360 Research Foundation.

  3. To take dedication on applications for membership/Job/Partnership/Proposal.

  4. To appoint committee for disposal of any pertaining to the trust.

  5. To arrange, Finance if required from other bank(s), institution or individual on reasonable terms and condition and governing body as a whole is liable for its return.

  6. To appoint, terminate and fix duties of all staff.

  7. To receive, to have custody of and to expand the funds of the 360 Research Foundation and to manage the properties of the 360 Research Foundation.

  8. To sue and defend all legal proceeding of behalf of the 360 Research Foundation.

  9. To take all such other legal steps which may appear beneficial for the smooth and better management of the 360 Research Foundation. 



Governing Body Members


Name Designation
Mr. Sudhanshu Kumar Shekhar President
Mr. Pradeep Kumar Seraphim General Secretary
Mr. Manibhushan Kumar Mishra Secretary
Mr. Krishna Kumar Pathak Treasurer
Mr. Shyamsundar Sah Executive Member
Mr. Lavkush kumar Executive Member
Mr. Uttam Prakash Executive Member